Chemotherapy Patient’s Donation Will Bring Comfort to Others

Chemo chair donation
Jane Arseneau (centre) – joined here by Carole Murray, NP, and Joanna Stram, RN – saw a need for a new, more comfortable chemotherapy chair while undergoing treatment in the Hospital’s 1A Medical/Oncology unit. Her $5,600 donation made the new chair a reality.

Donations are inspired by many different things. They could be spur of the moment, in celebration of a big event, or in memory of a loved one – and then sometimes the idea forms from personal experience.

That’s the case with a recent donation from Jane Arseneau, who donated $5,600 to the Northern Cancer Fund so that 1A Medical/Oncology could purchase a new chemotherapy chair for the CMH (Complex Malignant Hematology) Clinic, an outpatient clinic, which is located on the inpatient unit.

Jane herself is a chemotherapy patient, and knows how important comfort is during treatment. “My first round of chemotherapy was every five weeks, from ten in the morning until three in the afternoon. That’s a long time to sit, and the old chairs weren’t comfortable. I wanted to help with that.”

The new chair is heated, has a foot rest, and reclines, “and I love how big it is. I can put my purse on one side of me, my knitting on the other, and I’m all set for the day!” says Jane.

The chair is part of a relatively new outpatient clinic on 1A. The CMH Clinic on 1A is used for patients with a diagnosis of Malignant Hematology, whose healthcare needs can be met on an outpatient basis. Before the clinic was up and running, patients required lengthy admissions to the inpatient unit, and usually came in through the ER.

These patients are now assessed on a daily basis by the CMH team. Assessments and interventions are completed during their visit; patients can then go home instead of being admitted.

On occasion, patients may require admission from the CMH Clinic, so instead of spending time in the very busy ER at TBRHSC, they are admitted from the CMH Clinic, right to a bed on 1A.

Jane was overjoyed when she walked in and saw the chair that her donation made possible. “It’s beautiful. I am just so, so happy that I got to see it arrive.”

“We’ve made sure Jane is the first to use it.” says Joanna Stram, a Registered Nurse on 1A, “The other patients were making sure no one else sat in it until Jane got here.”

“But it’s for everyone!” Jane added.

Chris McNaughton, Manager of 1A Medical/Oncology, expressed his gratitude. “We just want to thank Jane for her generosity, and for bringing comfort to chemotherapy patients for years to come. It’s really such a kind gesture, and we’re extremely grateful.”