Health Care Provider User Guide – Stroke Journey NWO
Stroke Journey in NWO – French
Driving After a Stroke in Northwestern Ontario: Information for you and Your Family
Aerobic Exercise After Stroke: Clinician Guidelines
Aerobic Exercise After Stroke: Patient’s Guide
Aerobic Exercise e-Learning
Aerobic Exercise Recommendations to Optimize Best Practices in Care After Stroke
Aerobic Exercise – Submaximal Graded Assessment -Sample Form
Aerobic Exercise -Heart Rate Calculation Tool
Aerobic Exercise Screening Stratification Tool
Aerobic Training Flow Sheet
Aphasia – Communication Tips
Aphasia Institute
Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery
Canadian Stroke Best Practices Recommendations
Community Stroke Rehabilitation Models (2016)
CorHealth Ontario (formerly Ontario Stroke Network)
Driving Fact Sheet – Stroke Network of Southwestern Ontario
Evidence Based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation
EHeart and Stroke: Transitions and Community Participation Following Stroke
iWalkAssess: An evidence-informed approach to walking assessment post-stroke
FAME (Fitness and Mobility Exercise) Program – University of British Columbia
GRASP (Graded Repetitive Arm Supplementary Program) – University of British Columbia
Hemiplegic Arm Protocol – Stroke Network of Southwestern Ontario
Online Graduate Certificate in Stroke Rehabilitation
Practical Tips for Using Telemedicine to Conduct Remote Rehabilitation Consultations
Quality Based Procedures: Clinical Handbook for Stroke (Acute and Post-Acute)
Rehabilitation Intensity Resources – Ontario Stroke Network
Rehabilitative Care Alliance
Social Work Resources NW
Stroke Engine
Stroke Quality Based Procedures Resource Centre
Stroke Rehabilitation Unit Orientation (Stroke Network of Southwestern Ontario)
Toronto Stroke Networks Virtual Community of Practice
Unilateral Spatial Neglect e-Learning
ViaTherapy (Upper Extremity Rehabilitation)
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