Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network Team

As part of the overall Ontario Stroke System, the Network has regional staff with dedicated roles.

Regional Director
Plans, implements and evaluates all operations of the Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network. Responsible for coordinating a system of stroke care that is evidence-based, integrated, comprehensive, and covers the full continuum of care.
Medical Lead
Works in partnership with the Regional Director to lead the Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network. Provides medical leadership to ensure high standards of care for people with stroke.
Regional Stroke Educator
Co-ordinates and facilitates learning opportunities related to stroke care throughout the continuum of stroke care from prevention, acute care, rehabilitation to community re-engagement including long-term care.
Stroke Community Engagement Specialist
Promotes and supports primary stroke prevention, system optimization, best practices and stroke survivor re-integration. Collaborates with health care providers, care facilities and organizations across the region in primary care, emergency medical services, long term care and community.
Regional Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist
Promotes and supports stroke best practices across the rehabilitation continuum. Collaborates with rehabilitation providers, facilities and agencies across the region to address rehabilitation needs.
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