Walk with Doc goes “Virtual” for 2020

Walk with Doc 2019
Stroke Survivors, March of Dimes Canada, NWORSN and Dr. Hassan join together for Walk with Doc program

Walk with Doc goes “Virtual”

For 16 years, Northern Hearts, a local non-profit organization has been organizing a “Walk with Doc” program during the month of June to encourage healthy and active lifestyles by walking in the evenings with a featured physician.

Dr. Hassan, Medical Lead for Stroke and the Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network and the Network team have partnered with March of Dimes Canada to host a night with the Walk with Doc program. At this time the team brings knowledge of signs and symptoms of stroke and stroke resources available in the community.

Unfortunately, due to the rapidly evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, it was in the best interest of participants, volunteers and the community to cancel the public event as the health and safety of everyone became the utmost priority. To maintain the original objectives of the Walk with Doc and encourage individuals to keep active, especially during this time, Northern Hearts has created a “Virtual” Walk with Doc program.

The “Virtual” Walk with Doc program will run throughout the month of June and will include all of the elements that made the Walk with Doc program a success, such as physician participation, daily walks, and chances to win prizes!

To participate in the “Virtual” Walk with Doc program Northern Hearts has established three virtual platforms (Facebook, Email, and Phone Messaging) where participants can comment and post pictures featuring the walk they went on. The program will run from June 1st to July 2nd, Monday to Friday. Participants will get updated information on the weather, safe walking areas, and various facts about the benefits of walking every day on the Northern Hearts Facebook page.

To receive a featured prize from the day, participants will have to demonstrate they have walked that day either by posting a photo or comment on the Northern Hearts Facebook page @NorthernHeartsThunderBay, or emailing a photo and commenting on their walk to northernhearts@tbaytel.net, They can also call and leave a message on the Northern Hearts phone line; 807-345-2008. Winners will be selected at random throughout the month.

Northern Hearts mission is to promote healthy lifestyles in an attempt to decrease the incidence of heart disease through education and research. It is their hope that the “Virtual” Walk with Doc program will encourage active participation and spread awareness of the physical and emotional benefits of exercise while keeping the health and safety of everyone in mind. And there are many risk factors for stroke that are generated from the Heart side of body…so please reduce your risk of strokes, and enjoying this time to be walking.

Keep Calm and Walk On. … Virtually!

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