Stroke Care in Northwestern Ontario 2020/21 – A Regional Snapshot

The attached Infographic highlights Northwestern Ontario’s performance relative to the province in a number of key indicators evaluating stroke care. Of the 18 indicators highlighted, one indicator performing statistically better than the provincial rate is access to Designated Stroke Unit care.  The North West has been a high-performer in this indicator since opening the Regional Stroke Unit at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre in 2015.

Information from the annual Ontario Stroke Report drives the work plan for the Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network.  In partnership with the Medical Lead, Dr. Ayman Hassan, priority initiatives include continued promotion of the public awareness video “Suspect Stroke-Minutes Matter”, ongoing recruitment efforts for an Endovascular Thrombectomy (EVT) provider to bring EVT access to the Northwest 24/7. The team is also disseminating the updated Acute Stroke Protocol Emergency Department Algorithms that include TIA and Secondary Prevention referral pathways, as well as supporting the implementation of large vessel occlusion screening tools (ACT-FAST) and CT perfusion imaging (RAPID Software). These advancements will support our work to move our region to the 24-hour window for EVT consideration. We will also be participating in the Ontario Health: CorHealth Ontario Community Stroke Rehabilitation project, promoting models of care that meet the needs of urban, rural and remote communities.

For more information please contact Trina Diner, Manager, Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network at or 807-684-6702

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