The Lived Experience of Stroke Report

Last year, the UK Stroke Organization conducted the biggest ever survey of stroke survivors and their carers to find out more about their lives. Over 10,000 people closely affected by stroke in the UK took the time to share their stories.

Thanks to this comprehensive research, we now know more about the everyday experiences of those living with the effects of stroke, which can sometimes last a lifetime.

The results are being shared in four chapters throughout the year. The first chapter of this report looks at the hidden effects that stroke can have on its survivors.

What are the hidden effects?

In addition to cognitive effects (including fatigue, problems with concentration, decision-making, reading, writing and poorer memory) reported by 90% of respondents, the research also found that:

“More than three quarters of stroke survivors face a battle with serious emotional problems. Yet over a quarter (27%) say they have not received enough emotional support to help rebuild their lives.”

However, the research also revealed a positive side to stroke recovery:

“Like over half of the survivors in our survey who reported feeling positive emotions six months after a stroke, Nicola found hope. ‘Things have improved. I can now take my youngest to the park, do the shopping and take part in some Stroke Association activities. That’s why it’s so helpful to understand more about people’s experiences of stroke.’”

Article duplicated from Snippets July issue from the Stroke Recovery Association of BC

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