Stroke Rehabilitation – A Critical Role in Stroke During COVID-19

Stroke rehabilitation services play a critical role in offering people with stroke and their families the best opportunity for optimal recovery. Please see the CorHealth poster which provides links to resources, patient video testimonials, and stories from clinicians on how they have adapted rehab practices in lieu of COVID-19.

Specialized stroke rehabilitation services have continued to be available throughout the COVID-19 pandemic at the Regional Stroke Unit at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center.

Inpatient rehabilitation units are continuing to provide care to stroke patients at St. Joseph’s Care Group and community (out-patient and in-home) rehabilitation continued with in-person visits for urgent cases and use of virtual care options where possible.

Many community rehabilitation services are now beginning to re-open so please check with the provider directly for their current status.


For more information contact:

Esmé French, M.Sc.PT
Regional Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist
NWO Regional Stroke Network
phone: (807) 684-6498

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