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Study on In-home App-based Stroke Rehab

A study published in Frontiers of Neurology has found that stroke patients who had in-home rehabilitation therapy from a tablet-based app saw similar results as those who underwent the same treatment with physician guidance. This suggests that the digital treatment could be effective without provider supervision. Read more here.

Telemedicine and Rehab

According to a randomized trial discussed recently at the International Stroke Conference, post-stroke arm motor function recovery progressed equally as well whether the exercises were performed via home-based telemedicine or in an office environment. Learn more here.

Protecting a Certain Enzyme May Help Stroke Recovery

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have found that stroke recovery may be improved by protecting an enzyme that clears away abnormal proteins and protects neurons from hypoxic injury. Learn more about this research here.

Wearable Robotic Devices May Speed up Rehabilitation

Researchers at Arizona State University are developing wearable exoskeletons to help patients during rehab and recovery. Initially designed to help stroke survivors and Parkinson’s patients regain mobility, the soft machines are mobile and can be worn anywhere, so these devices could potentially provide 24-hour support to speed up recovery. Read more about this technology here.

The Effect of a Missing Gene in Stroke Recovery

UCLA neuroscientists have found that patients born without a gene called CCR5 recover better from mild stroke than patients with the gene. These findings could lead to the first pill to reverse the physical and mental aftermath of mild stroke. Read the rest of the article here.

HIV Drug Could Improve Recovery After Stroke

This article also looks at the same gene (CCR5) and how it inhibits stroke recovery, and how a an HIV drug might help. Find out more information here and also here.

Robotics and Recovery

This article looks at companies that are making an impact on rehabilitation through the use of robotics. Find out more about these innovative companies here.

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