Telestroke is a provincial emergency telemedicine application that provides emergency physicians with immediate access to neurologists with expertise in stroke care who can support both the assessment and treatment of patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke symptoms. Through the Ontario Telestroke Program patients are able to access the benefit of treatment with thrombolysis, or tPA, a best practice standard of care for acute ischemic stroke.

Clinical research shows that patients with acute stroke treated with tPA within the first 4.5 hours of symptom onset have better outcomes, with 30% more patients recovering with no or minor disability. The sooner the treatment is started the better the results.

Telestroke makes it possible for a neurologist to be at the patient’s bedside – even when that patient is hundreds of miles away – and assist the local physician with determining the most effective therapy possible.
– Dr. Frank Silver, Neurologist and Medical Director, Telestroke

For more information on OTN’s Telestroke, visit OTN’s Telestroke:

Northwestern Ontario Telestroke Sites

  1. Dryden
    Dryden Regional Health Centre
  2. Fort Frances
    La Verendrye General Hospital
  3. Kenora
    Lake of the Woods District Hospital
  4. Sioux Lookout
    Meno Ya Win Health Centre

Northwestern Ontario Telestroke Acute Stroke Protocol

The NWO Telestroke Acute Stroke Protocol must be suspended during periods of scheduled or unscheduled service suspension of Computerized Tomography Scanner (CT), laboratory and/or the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN). The protocol enables paramedics to bypass Telestroke sites with service suspension and transport suspected acute stroke patients directly to the nearest designated stroke hospital. This policy also directs Telestroke sites that have service suspension to transfer suspected acute stroke patients to the nearest designated stroke hospital.

The following forms are for Telestroke Sites use only.
Fax: Northwestern Ontario Telestroke Acute Stroke Protocol
Policy: Suspension of Northwestern Ontario Telestroke Acute Stroke Protocol

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