Face the Facts: Stroke is Treatable – World Stroke Day October 29, 2016

World Stroke Organization
World Stroke Day - Oct 29, 2016

New World Stroke Day campaign will highlight the treatable aspects of stroke.

The WSD Campaign Committee and Working Group have been busy working to develop the new campaign theme for the 2016 World Stroke Campaign and World Stroke Day.

The theme is Face the Facts: Stroke is Treatable with the tagline of: Lives can improve with better awareness, access, and action.

The key objectives are:

  • To raise awareness of the incidence of stroke world-wide and the fact that Stroke is Treatable.
  • To highlight the importance of improved outcomes from access to best-practice evidence-based treatments:
    • Knowing the FAST signs of stroke and getting treatment saves lives and improves recovery.
    • Promoting admission to Stroke Units.
    • Highlighting conditions for best-practice treatments such as clot-busting drugs, and mechanical clot retrieval.
    • Acknowledging that rehabilitation is a critical step in the treatment process.
    • Highlighting secondary prevention treatments and lifestyle changes.
  • To encourage everyone to take action to drive awareness and push for better access to stroke treatments.
    • Advocacy action can occur at all levels including individual, health care professional, governments and decision makes.
    • The new World Stroke Organization Global Stroke Services Guidelines will be promoted to health professionals as even with limited resources, they can do something to improve care.
    • The new World Stroke Organization Advocacy Toolkit will be promoted to increase the effectiveness of advocacy at a local level.
  • Join the NWORSN  participating in the Staff Health and Wellness Event at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. We will have an interactive booth engaging staff with facts that pertain to our region of stroke care.We will utilize the theme of Face the Facts: Stroke is Treatable. The promotions will include: FAST and local facts of people accessing EMS to access the ED, Stroke Unit Care with facts on admission rates, etc, Visuals of CTA Scans and treatment interventions, interactive prevention messages targeting salt reduction and healthy lifestyle choices.

    Participating staff include Registered Dietitian, Rehabilitation Stroke Specialist, Clinical Stroke Nurse, and more!

    Visit the staff and event on Oct 27, 2016.

    For more detailed information, contact Keli Cristofaro, Stroke Community Engagement Specialist @cristofk@tbh.net

  • Website: www.nwostroke.ca
  • Website: www.worldstrokecampaign.org 
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