50 Things You Can Do To Help Family With Aphasia

Tactus Therapy
Tactus Therapy

50 Things you can do right now to help your loved one with Aphasia.

A free list to learn about all the ways you can help a stroke survivor struggling to communicate.

Tactus recently released a fantastic, free download with 50 easy and effective tips on how you can support a friend, loved one, or complete stranger with aphasia in communication.

“This is a very valuable resource for families – I would definitely recommend they download it! It has great, concise suggestions (ones that I’ve seen successfully utilized in my own practice) and it has them grouped in an organized manner. Families could easily find the topic they need and then pick some things to try. I’ve written many of these suggestions down for families before. Having them all available in one file makes it easy for me to highlight specific ones to try that are right for the person with aphasia and the caregiver. This is also helpful for students who are beginning to work with people with aphasia and need ideas for educating and counseling the family and person with aphasia.” -Sherri Winslow, SLP

Megan S. Sutton. MS, CCC-SLP co-founder of Tactus Therapy provided this list on their website. https://tactustherapy.com

Here are two of the 50 items from the list:

·         Search YouTube for their favorite hit songs from their teen years to sing. Music is powerful!

·         Establish the topic first to know what they’re trying to talk about. “Is this about something you need? No. About a person? Yes. Is it a family member?”

Want more? Visit the Tactus Therapy website and download the list!

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Information copied from Snippets, After Stroke Newsletter and Tactus Therapy Website.

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