Secondary Stroke Prevention Clinics- A Critical Role in Stroke During COVID-19

Ambulatory Rapid TIA/Minor Stroke and Secondary Prevention Clinics play a critical role in supporting patients who are high risk for acute care utilization by limiting recurrent visits to the emergency department and preventing subsequent hospital admissions. These services should continue to operate during the current COVID-19 outbreak and should optimize the use of virtual care options when possible. Please see the CorHealth poster which provides links to resources, patient video testimonials, and stories from clinicians on how they have adapted prevention practices in lieu of COVID-19.

Secondary Stroke Prevention services have continued to be available throughout the COVID-19 pandemic at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center.

Unfortunately, people will continue to have strokes, even during a pandemic. Fortunately, our stroke stakeholders are dedicated to delivering high-quality stroke care in Northwestern Ontario.

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Stroke Prevention Clinic
NWO Regional Stroke Network
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