Quick Facts

  • Ontario’s population will grow by 34.4 per cent between 2010 and 2036.
  • In 10 years, almost one in five Ontarians will be over 65, an increase of 37.5 per cent since 2005.
  • Almost 80 per cent of Ontarians over 45 have a chronic condition.
  • Diabetes and obesity are on the rise among younger Ontarians.
  • More than 7% of Ontarians report having diabetes and 52.6 % report being overweight or obese and 17.6% report having high blood pressure … and all of these stroke risk factors are on the rise (2010 Canadian Community Health Survey).

The Impact of Stroke in Canada

  • Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability in Canada and the third leading cause of death. Every year, nearly 14,000 Canadians die from stroke.
  • Every year in Canada, there are over 50,000 new strokes—that’s one stroke every 10 minutes.
  • About 426,000 Canadians are living with the effects of stroke.
  • Canadians spend a total of three million days in hospital because of stroke every year.
  • Stroke costs the Canadian economy more than $3.6 billion a year in physician services, hospital costs, lost wages, and decreased productivity.

The Impact of Stroke in Ontario

  • Stroke is the third leading cause of death and the leading cause of adult disability.
  • More women than men die from stroke.
  • More women die of stroke than breast cancer.
  • There are an estimated 25,500 new stroke events in Ontario with 15,500 hospital inpatient admissions, every year.
  • At least every 30 minutes, there is one new person with stroke in Ontario.
  • More than 5,500 (22%) of Ontarians die within one year of their stroke.
  • The cost of those living with stroke is almost $1 billion annually.
  • One in five residents in long-term care has had a stroke.
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