The Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network Education Fund

The Northwestern Ontario (NWO) Regional Stroke Network Education Fund was established with funding provided by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. The purpose of the fund is to assist health care providers working in stroke care across the continuum to incorporate best practices through learning opportunities or projects focused on evidence based practices in stroke care.

  • An example of a learning opportunity is a stroke-related professional development conference/workshop/course.
  • An example of a stroke-related project is a project that focuses on the implementation of a specific best practice guideline, the development of a tool for stroke care, or inviting an individual to address a stroke related topic.

This educational funding opportunity is open to all health care providers working in stroke care across the continuum throughout the NWO region.

The request for funding requires the following:

  • A description of the rationale for attendance at the learning opportunity or for project development;
  • Benefits to your organization and Northwestern Ontario;
  • Benefits to stroke survivors and their family;
  • Plan for information dissemination within your team, your organization and the region.

Amount of funding requested

The funded health care provider is required to share the learning within their organization and throughout Northwestern Ontario within three months of completing the learning opportunity. Examples of sharing include: providing a presentation through videoconference or developing a bulletin or pamphlet for local and regional distribution. The NWO Regional Stroke Network will provide support with the dissemination if requested. Completion of a Final Report is also required. (Template will be provided)

Priority consideration will be given to funding requests that include disseminating education:

  • across the stroke continuum;
  • throughout the region;
  • amongst a broad range of disciplines.

Applications will be reviewed by the Stroke Education Funding Subcommittee (a standing subcommittee of the Stroke Education Advisory Committee) to determine eligibility and funding amount.

Group applications are not permitted. If two or more individuals wish to participate in the same learning opportunity, they are to submit their individual applications. Following the learning opportunity, they can deliver one education session and one Final Report of how the learning was disseminated.

Applicants are encouraged to explore opportunities for cost sharing; such as with their employer/organization and professional association (ex. RNAO) or the Allied Health Professional Development Fund.

Application and Approval Process

The completed application is submitted electronically. You will receive an email immediately stating that your application has successfully been submitted. If you do not receive an email, then there has been an error and you must resubmit.

Following committee review of the application, the applicant will be contacted by email with the committee decision. If the application is approved, an approval letter will outline the amount of approved funding and the process to meet the requirements of the updated Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Travel Policy.

Applicants must also submit a Letter of Understanding (provided to the applicant by the NWO Regional Stroke Network) which outlines how they will share their learning within their organization and the region, and approval signature from their manager.

After attending the conference/workshop/course, applicants must forward a copy of their certificate of attendance to the Regional Stroke Educator at

If an applicant is unable to attend a course/conference due to course cancellation, inability to attend, etc, for which funding has been received; the applicant must inform the Regional Stroke Educator and return funds to the Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network.

Travel and Reimbursement Process Requirements

Written pre-approval must be obtained from the Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network before incurring any expenses or making any reservations. The process will be explained in the approval letter. Only when you have obtained pre-approval can you begin arrangements for travel, registration or hotel.

For Further Information Contact:

Kristina Visser
Regional Stroke Educator

Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network
TBRHSC-Medical Centre
201-984 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 7C7

(807) 684-6706
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