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Strategic Plan 2020

Strategic Plan Progress Report

A strategic progress report is provided every quarter in order to keep our Hospital focused on what is most important, assist with removing barriers, and encourage corrective actions.

Led by the Strategy and Performance team, the update process ensures that Senior Leaders are informed of the successes and challenges related to Strategic Plan 2020 items and are prepared to report to the Hospital Board of Directors with a fulsome report and associated performance data.

In order to ensure full distribution of Strategic progress Directors, Managers and Medical Leaders are presented with the information each quarter, and communication of the strategic updates is then provided to staff in the form of posters, bulletin board updates and unit meetings with managers.

In summary of the Quarterly processes, the CEO and Seniors Leaders provide updates on key strategic activities of the past year at the Annual General Meeting, and also a 5 Partner Accountability Session. Our 5 Partners in Health include: community members, academic leaders, health professions, health managers, and policy makers. Engagement with our 5 Partners in Health helped build the Strategic Plan and continues to provide consultation to guide our success as we move forward.

Q2 Strategic Plan Update

Q2 Strat Plan Update for 5 Partners

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