Strategic Plan 2020

Vision, Mission, Philosophy, Values


Healthy Together


We will deliver a quality patient experience in an academic health care environment that is responsive to the needs of the population of Northwestern Ontario.


Patient and Family Centred Care is the philosophy that guides us. Patients and Families are at the centre of everything we do.


Patients ARE First
  • Patients First
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Excellence

Patients First: We are respectful of and responsive to the needs and values of our patients, families and communities. Patient values guide all decisions.

Accountability: We are responsible to advance a quality patient experience. We commit to social and fiscal accountability to internal and external stakeholders and for the delivery of services to our patients. Respect: We honour the uniqueness of each individual and his/her culture.

Excellence: We foster an environment of innovation and learning to advance a quality patient experience.

The Strategic Plan 2020 launched in April 2015 and is based on a comprehensive environmental scan of this region and input from over 1,300 community members. The Strategic Plan 2020 will drive patient care at TBRHSC over the course of five years, touching the lives of thousands of patients and families.

The Strategic Plan 2020 is a roadmap to guide achievement of our vision healthy together.

To realize our vision, we need to focus on the needs of the community we serve and to provide comprehensive care through partnerships and virtual care.

Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) is our philosophy and is foundational to ‘everything we do’. Through our Strategic Directions we will focus on enhancing the Patient Experience as one of our strategic priorities. We recognize that creating a quality patient experience builds upon our PFCC philosophy.

Another priority is to enhance the Comprehensive Clinical Care that transcends the organization and touches all patients. We will also focus on the particular patient populations with the greatest health care needs in three Strategic Directions: Seniors’ Health, Indigenous Health, and Acute Mental Health.

There are many resources and assets known as ‘enablers’ within TBRHSC that contribute to the success of our strategic plan through their support, influence and unique perspectives. TBRHSC acknowledges the contributions of our five enablers: Human Resources, Clinical Practice, Academics (Teaching & Research), Corporate, and Informatics.

We will develop, engage and promote wellness of our staff to build further capacity to care for our patients and ourselves. We will continue our journey as an academic health sciences centre, proud of the strong foundation built. We will continue to teach the next generation of health care professionals and further health care innovation through research and discovery. We will continue to provide the corporate services required to support the delivery of care. We will invest in information systems and technology to enable our system, people, and patients and families.

The five strategic directions provide the roadmap to achieving our mission. The Strategic Plan 2020 identifies goals within five strategic directions: Patient Experience, Seniors’ Health, Comprehensive Clinical Care, Indigenous Health, and Acute Mental Health.

The success criteria identified for each strategic direction clearly describe the outcomes we wish to achieve. Linking our performance measures to these success criteria will surely keep us focused on what have been identified as the most important health needs of the people of Northwestern Ontario.

2020 Strategic Plan Directions

We are shaping the future of healthcare for patients and families in Northwestern Ontario.