Quality & Risk Management

Canada-wide, health organizations are being held to higher standards for patient safety. Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre has developed a patient safety plan to augment the many patient safety activies that have always been of key importance to our organization. Throughout the year many care and system teams, physicians, privileged staff and volunteers are committed to quality patient care and services. Our vision of world-class healthcare is achievable only with their continued dedication and we applaud their efforts in striving to achieve that vision.

Patient satisfaction continues to be a key indicator providing our organization with direction to improve patient care and all services provided to our clients. We continue to survey our patients and strive for excellence in those areas that are of particular importance to them.

To ensure the healthcare journey is a satisfactory one, Medworxx software is being implemented to assist units with identifying patients that are ready for discharge. The software supplies us with reports of delays to support quality improvement measures to assist in patient flow. Patient flow improvement strategies assist with the Emergency Department and Alternate Level of Care wait time initiative. When patients are ready to move from our facility, Ambutrans provides quality transfers for stable patients between facilities in a timely fashion.

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre is committed to being the best at being better. We will learn from our successes and failures and integrate the winning strategies of world leaders. We have the people, we have the vision, we can create the exceptional Patient and Family Centred Care experience.

For more information, please contact:

Cathy Covino

Senior Director – Quality and Risk Management
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
Email: covinoc@tbh.net