Orientation – Volunteers

Welcome to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. We are delighted to welcome you to our healthcare team.

You are among our city’s most generous and compassionate citizens. We appreciate and admire your generous gifts of time, energy, and service. We hope that you will receive as much from your experiences as we know you will be providing to the patients and families we serve, to your volunteer and staff colleagues, and to our overall community.

Orientation is a mandatory and essential component of your volunteer placement to ensure you have the proper tools to be successful.

Orientation is divided into three categories:

  1. General Orientation – For placements longer than 6 weeks this interactive day(s) will be facilitated on site. You will be scheduled for this through Human Resources or with your Academic Placement Coordinator.
  2. E-learning – Please follow the instructions and links below.
  3. HandbookClick here to view the handbook in PDF format.


There are 6 mandatory e-learning modules which require completion before your placement can begin:

  1. Privacy – Take our online test
  2. Patient and Family Centred Care – Take our online test
  3. Hand Hygene – Take our online test
  4. Emergency Planning – Take our online test
  5. Workplace Violence Prevention – Take our online test