Board Chair’s Monthly Message

Report from Nadine Doucette
Chair, Board of Directors
June 7, 2017

Nadine Doucette elected Board of Directors Chair at Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Health care delivery is complex. It involves a network of patients, family caregivers, health care providers, support personnel and administrators who interact. The patient being at the centre of the care we provide influences the entire network to achieve results. That’s why relationships and collaboration are important, and I am impressed by our Hospital’s leaders’ activity in this area.

Partnerships with Patient Family Advisors, service providers, all levels of government, and many others result in enhanced transitions in care and improved access for our patients. We are committed to engage our 5 Partners in health, including Policy Makers, Health Professionals, Academic Institutions, Health Managers and Communities. At the annual 5 Partners session held in May, participants were asked to identify partnerships our Hospital can establish or strengthen to improve our patients’ health care journeys. I am grateful to the 5 Partners for providing their valuable feedback to contribute to better patient transitions of care.

A key partner is the North West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). I had the pleasure, along with our President and CEO, to meet earlier this month with the new Chair of the LHIN Board of Directors, Gil Labine, and the CEO Laura Kokocinski. We share a commitment to patient care and I look forward to continuing to work closely together. This meeting allowed us to discuss board to board relations and our respective organizational challenges.

In terms of our own Board of Directors, our process to fill vacant Directors positions continued in May. Interviews were conducted with applicants. Fellow Board Directors joined me on the interview panel, and I take this opportunity to thank Anita Jean, Dick Mannisto, Gerry Munt, Grant Walsh and Gary Whitney for their time and commitment. I am also grateful to Diane Quintas who participated on this interview panel as a community representative. At the Annual General Meeting on June 22, new Board Directors will be approved by the Corporate Members.

Board Directors also helped to celebrate and acknowledge staff who retired from our Hospital last year. Doug Shanks, Matt Simeoni, Dr. Mark Thibert, Grant Walsh and Gary Whitney attended the May 11 retirement dinner to honour the accomplishments of those who provided years of service contributing to patient care.

I thank Grant Walsh for representing the Board of Directors during the media conference announcement by the Honourable Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, of the implementation of vascular surgery and on-site endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) at our Hospital. This progress reflects our commitment to improve access to cardiovascular care, which will dramatically enhance the quality of care and quality of life for hundreds of patients annually. At that event, Minister Hoskins also announced he has allocated a capital planning funding envelope to allow us to proceed with the designation of professionals required for the development of the cardiac surgery program.

Northwestern Ontario residents face additional geographical challenges that we could not overcome without our partners. I’d like to thank the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for their support in making this a service development reality, and the University Health Network and the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre for mentoring us. And, thank you to the generous donors in our community for their support. These types of partnerships and joint accomplishments are what enable us to be Healthy Together.

As this is my final monthly report prior to the summer break, I wish to add a final note of appreciation. I feel truly fortunate to work with the strong and effective administration at our Hospital. President & CEO Jean Bartkowiak and Chief of Staff Dr. Gordon Porter provide excellent leadership in their respective roles. As Board members, we hear often about the change in culture occurring at the Hospital, and the positive impact it has on staff and patients. A cultural shift starts at the top and could not occur without their leadership. Jessica Nehrebecky, Executive Assistant/Office Manager, consistently provides tremendous support to the Board. I am grateful to her for making our jobs easier and enjoyable. Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Board members who will not be returning next year: Gerry Munt, Georjann Morriseau and Doug Shanks. Your expertise has been invaluable and I think you for the countless hours you have dedicated to the organization.

I wish everyone a safe and happy summer.

Nadine Doucette
Chair, Board of Directors