Breastfeeding Support Programs

Maternity Centre Lactation Consultant

The lactation consultant at the Maternity Centre is available to assist pregnant women and women up to 8 weeks post-partum with education and assistance with breastfeeding. Women can arrange an appointment during pregnancy with the lactation consultant to become better prepared for breastfeeding, while postpartum women can receive assistance with concerns, or even support if breastfeeding is going well.

Some of the common reasons for referral to the lactation consultant include:

    • Education about breastfeeding
    • Difficulty with latch
    • Sore nipples
    • Not enough milk
    • Oversupply
    • Poor weight gain
    • Wanting to know how to use equipment
    • Questions about breastfeeding
    • Mastitis
    • Thrush
    • Plugged ducts
    • Breastfeeding support


Call the Maternity Centre today for an appointment with the lactation consultant, or to join one of the classes, 684-6228.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education Classes

This class is designed for pregnant women and their partners to learn about breastfeeding. Some of the common concerns are addressed, and information is provided regarding how partners can be supportive, and overcoming some of the challenges of breastfeeding. The group is led by a lactation consultant. This group meets once a month. Call 684-6228 to register.

Bosom Buddies

Bosom Buddies is a support group for women who are breastfeeding. Women meet at the Maternity Centre with a lactation consultant and share stories and challenges. Drop in Mondays between 2 and 3 pm.

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