Cervical Cancer Screening on the Screen for Life Coach

Cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable with regular cervical cancer screening and follow-up. Women between the ages of 21 and 69 years, who have ever been sexually active, can have their cervical cancer screening Pap test on the Screen for Life Coach. Female registered nurses, who have been trained to do Pap tests, will complete the test for you.

Who can participate?

The Ontario Cervical Screening Guidelines recommend that women between the ages of 21 and 69 years, who have ever been sexually active, complete a Pap test every three years.

Making an appointment

Book your own appointment

Eligible women can call our office to book their appointment. Our services are free and do not require a health care provider’s referral. Please make sure you have your health card handy before you call.

Call us at (807) 684-7777 or 1-800-461-7031. Your health care provider can also refer you to the Screen for Life Coach.

Once you have booked your appointment, you will receive a letter with the date, time, and location of your appointment.

What can I expect?

Screen for Life Coach

The Screen for Life Coach visits over 75 different locations across Northwestern Ontario. Parking at the Coach locations is free. When you arrive, enter the Coach through the side door located at the front of the Coach, then take a seat in our waiting area. You will be greeted by one of the two female staff who work on the Coach. There are private change rooms on the Coach, but there is no washroom. Please remember to use the washroom before you come for your appointment.

There are private change rooms on the Coach, but no washroom. Please remember to use the washroom before you come for your appointment.

The Screen for Life coach is wheelchair accessible.

Your cervical cancer screening appointment

When you meet the registered nurse on the Coach, she will review your cervical cancer screening history to determine if you are eligible to be screened. If you are eligible, your Pap test will be performed in our private examination room on the Coach. The nurse will explain the procedure to you.

Remember to use the washroom before your appointment because there is no washroom on board.

For your Pap test you will be asked to lie on your back in an examination chair. An instrument, called a speculum, is gently inserted into the vagina so your cervix can be seen clearly. Cells are taken from the cervix with a swab and sent to a laboratory to be examined under a microscope. The procedure is short and only takes a couple of minutes. The nurse is there to answer your questions and discuss any concerns that you may have about the Pap test.

Women who are having a Pap test on the Screen for Life Coach will also be given the option of have STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing for Chlamydia and gonorrhea at the same time. This test is not inclusive of all STIs. If you would like to have STI testing done for more than chlamydia and gonorrhea, you should contact your health care provider or another sexual health clinic.

Test results

Our office will mail your cervical screening results six to eight weeks after your Pap test.

If your results indicate that more tests are required, our patient navigator will contact you and explain what your result means and what the next steps are.

If you have any questions or concerns, call our patient navigator at: (807) 684-6921.

What happens if I have an abnormal test result?

If you don’t have a health care provider, the Screen for Life Coach is an excellent option for you to access screening tests. We ensure that abnormal test follow-up is coordinated for our clients. If you have an abnormal test the patient navigator will help to coordinate your care.

Our patient navigator works closely with our mobile coach medical lead to ensure that women who have an abnormal Pap test have follow-up within a timely and appropriate manner.

What is an unsatisfactory Pap test result?

An unsatisfactory Pap test result usually means that the sample collected from your cervix didn’t have enough cells or the cells could not be seen well enough under the microscope. In these instances, you will need to repeat your Pap test to get a better a sample. Our office will contact you to discuss next steps.

Thirty percent of women will have an abnormal Pap test result in their lifetime. Cell changes found through Pap tests are very rarely cancer, but they do require follow-up.

Your next appointment

• Our office will send you a letter when it’s time for your next cervical cancer screening Pap test. Most women return to cervical cancer screening every three years. When you receive your letter, call our office to arrange your next appointment on the Screen for Life Coach. Or, you can schedule your Pap test appointment at a Northwestern Ontario location that is convenient for you.