Diagnostic Assessment Programs – Lung

Testing for lung cancer can be a complex process involving several steps. The Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program (DAP) at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre is a program designed to streamline tests for people with an identified suspicion of lung cancer, and reach a definitive cancer or non-cancer diagnosis faster.

It is important to note that a referral to the Lung DAP does not necessarily mean that individual has lung cancer.

Patients are referred by their primary care provider (family physician, nurse practitioner, etc.), a specialist, or other healthcare provider to Dr. Kenneth Gehman, a thoracic (lung) surgeon at the Health Sciences Centre. The Lung DAP team then plans all tests and makes appointments based on each patient’s priority level to ensure timely diagnosis and continuous care. All appointments and consultations are booked through Dr. Gehman’s office.

The Lung DAP is also designed to help support patients and their families throughout testing. A Patient Navigator provides information to patients about their tests, and is available to answer any questions you may have. Patients and family members can also visit the Diagnostic Assessment Program – Electronic Pathway Solution (DAP-EPS), an interactive website that provides patients and their families, DAP staff, and healthcare providers with shared information and support.

Who is on the Lung DAP team?

The Lung DAP team includes a thoracic surgeon (Dr. Gehman), radiologists, pathologists, a Patient Navigator, technologists, and administrative staff.

Where is the Lung DAP located?

The Lung DAP is coordinated through both the Health Sciences Centre and Dr. Gehman’s office, and is available to patients in Thunder Bay and throughout Northwestern Ontario.

Patients who are referred to the Lung DAP will be scheduled for a consultation appointment with Dr. Gehman. Lung diagnostic tests are done at the Health Sciences Centre. When regional patients travel to Thunder Bay for lung diagnostic tests, accommodations at the Tbaytel Tamarack House are available.

Referrals – Information for Physicians and Nurse Practitioners

Patients may be referred by their primary care provider (family physician, nurse practitioner, etc.), a specialist, an emergency physician, or a physician or nurse practitioner at a walk-in clinic.

Eligibility criteria include (but are not limited to):

  • Clinical symptoms suspicious of lung cancer
  • CT scan suspicious of lung cancer
  • Pneumonia non-responsive to antibiotics for six weeks
  • Hemoptysis

Patients referred for consultation at Dr. Gehman’s office must provide:

  • CT scan available on PACS (preferred) or on a CD
  • Patient and family history (include smoking) history
  • Blood work
  • Complete referral form
  • Pulmonary Function Tests – PFT (preferred ahead of time)

Referral forms can be printed here  and faxed to Dr. Gehman’s office at (807) 345-4319.