Prevention and Screening Services provides leadership and services in disease prevention and screening. The service has increased its mandate to encompass the general well-being of residents of Northwestern Ontario. By promoting healthy lifestyles to reduce the risk of cancer, we also reduce the risk for other conditions including heart disease, diabetes, COPD, renal disease, and other chronic diseases.

Patient Outcomes

  • Patients now benefit from our Smoke-Free environment and patients who want to quit or reduce smoking have benefited from our supportive approach;
  • Thanks to the Fresh Market, patients and families have access to healthy, fresh local produce and products;
  • The launch of the Screen for Life Coach has increased access to cancer screening services. Additionally, in partnership with Prevention and Screening Services and the Screen for Life Coach, several regional and local Indigenous organizations offered convenient drop-in screening opportunities called 'Screen for Life Days';
  • As part of our Under/Never Screened initiative we released a DVD featuring Regional Chief Stan Beardy who tells his story of early colorectal cancer detection at TBRHSC and encourages all First Nations adults to be screened.