About Us

Prevention and Screening Services has a primary mandate to minimize the risk and prevalence of cancer and other chronic diseases in Northwestern Ontario.

Our service is composed of 4 key areas:

Our prevention initiatives focus on health promotion including education and outreach to decrease chronic disease risk factors and promote healthy living.
  • Over 3,000 people visit our Hospital’s Fresh Market, an on-site market that increases access to fresh, local produce and products for staff, patients and families.
  • b. Healthy staff = Healthy patients. We’re leading our Hospital’s Healthy Workplace strategies and initiatives to improve and enhance the health of our staff, including mindfulness sessions and on-site exercise classes.
  • c. Spearheading our Hospital’s Eating Healthy Together strategy, which aims to provide a supportive, informative, and healthy food environment for consumers at our Hospital. Click here to learn more.
Our service actively promotes and educates the public about Ontario’s three organized cancer screening programs for breast, cervical and colon cancer screening. We also support primary care providers to help them increase cancer screening uptake.
  • Each year, 11,000 women in Northwestern Ontario complete a mammogram to screen for breast cancer.
  • The Screen for Life Coach travels across Northwestern Ontario to increase access to cancer screening services. The Screen for Life Coach provides access to breast, cervical and colon cancer screening. All services are available without a health care provider’s referral. Health care providers can refer their patients to access services on the Screen for Life Coach.
Diagnostic Assessment Program
This program helps to guide patients through their diagnostic journey, from suspicion of colon, lung, breast and cervical cancer to definitive diagnosis. The program has three patient navigators who help to coordinate diagnostic testing and provide a single touch point for patients and their families.
  • Breast patient navigators act as a single point of contact for women who may have had an abnormal mammogram through the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) or if they are referred by their health care provider for breast health concerns. The breast patient navigators also provide support to women who are referred to the OBSP High Risk Program
  • Patient navigators work with patients to improve their coordination of care when there is a suspicion of lung cancer and colon cancer. The colon patient navigator coordinates timely access to colonoscopy when a patient has a positive colon screening result or has a first-degree family history of colon cancer.
Clinical Genetics Program
Genetic counselling is a health care service that provides information to families and individuals who are affected by or at-risk for inherited and/or genetic conditions.
  • Genetic counselling may be appropriate in the areas of pre-conception/pre-natal, paediatric or adult onset hereditary conditions or hereditary cancers. A referral from your health care provider is required.