Telephones are available to patients at a rate of $3.50 per day, payable upon discharge at the Patient Billing and Cashier Services.

For Long Distance* using your Calling Card, Credit Card, Collect & Third Party Charge Calls:

Calls to Canada and USA: dial 9 + 0 + Area Code + Number, International Calls: dial 9 + 01 + Country Code + City Code + Number. *Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre uses a 3rd party long distance company Conopco. Additional long distance charges will apply for 3rd party operator assisted calls.

Public Telephones are located throughout the Centre.

TTY Telephones for the hearing impaired are available at the Public phones located in the Main Lobby, the Emergency Department and the Cafeteria. Both portable TTY phones and telephone Amplifiers for the hearing impaired are available upon request. Call Switchboard by dialling “0” for the loan. A replacement fee will be charged if it is not returned to Switchboard once the patient is discharged.

Please note: Cell phone use is prohibited in all patient areas of the Centre. Cell phones may be used in the areas that have been indicated as approved, through the use of signage. Such areas include Lobbies, Reception Rooms, Cafeteria, Hallways and Conference/Meeting Rooms.