Orientation – Nurses

Welcome to Nursing at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre!

Nursing Orientation is comprised of:

  • General Employee Orientation
  • Nursing Orientation – including hands on labs and simulations

Our goal is to ensure you are adequately prepared to begin your work here at TBRHSC. Your Clinical Nurse Specialist will work with you to provide an orientation schedule.

Please be sure that you click on the general Orientation – Employees section to complete the 8 mandatory e-learning modules which require completion before employment can commence.

In addition, as an RN/RPN, you will be required to complete the Medication Reconciliation (part 1) and Tracheostomy Care e-learning modules, as well as review the Saf-t-Intima Subcutaneous Line video via the links below:

  1. Medication Reconcilation (part 1)
  2. Tracheostomy Care
  3. Saf-t-Intima Subcutaneous Line

Medication Reconciliation (part 2) will be completed along with your Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Please click on the unit where you are assigned to begin work. All orientation materials for the unit will be available under that link. Copies of the added nursing skills self-tests are included for you. It is expected that you read the material, complete and submit the self tests to the instructor prior to your nursing labs. Each test will be collected at the beginning of each labs. This ensures the instructor that you are prepared for the lab.

Once again, welcome to nursing at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. We wish you every success!