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Covid-19 Information

TBRHSC Outpatient Service Disruption Overview

Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT)

Essential services will continue for patients, these will include administration of long acting injections, and delivery of medication and groceries. For more detailed information please call directly.
Contact: 807-684-6970

Brief Intervention Treatment Team (BITT)

Psychology services will be prioritized, and provided via telephone as required.
Contact: 807-684-6430

Cancer Care

Systemic Pre and Post, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Radiation Pre and Post Treatment:
All patients on active treatment will be triaged in accordance to CCO guidelines. All new patient referrals are being triaged in accordance to CCO guidelines. All supportive care appointments will continue via telephone. All Oncology palliative care outpatient appointments will be triaged in accordance to CCO guidelines. All follow up appointments will be done by OTN direct to patient visit or via telephone. Every attempt will be made to avoid delays in your care.
Contact: 807-684-7200

Cardiac Cath Lab

Non-urgent procedures have been deferred. Patients will be contacted directly if their procedures are being postponed.
Contact: 807-684-6675

Centre for Complex Diabetes Care (CCDC)

To protect our clients, the majority of client appointments will be via telephone. CCDC clinicians are available Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.
Contact: 807-684-6944

Community Assistance Stabilization Team (CAST)

Essential services will continue for patients. All other services will be discontinued. No new referrals are being accepted at this time.
Contact: 807-684-6430

Complex Malignant Hematology Clinic

Patients will be triaged in accordance to CCO guidelines, follow up appointments are being done via telephone. Patients can call the direct CMH line to report issues that arise, the need for assessment will be triaged at that time.
Contact: 807-684-6795

COPD/CHF Telehome Program

The COPD/CHF Telehome Program has suspended its’ service. We regret the inconvenience to our patients and recommend that if you need medical support that you contact your family physician directly. If your needs are such that you require immediate medical support please come to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Emergency Department.
Contact: 807-684-6753 (non-urgent inquiries only)

Diagnostic Imaging and Cardiorespiratory Departments

Services will be reduced, and non-essential tests and/or procedures are being cancelled. Patients will be notified of any cancellations. Urgent referrals will be prioritized and scheduled as appropriate.
Contact: 807-684-6384

Forensic Outpatient and Case Management Program

Forensic Outpatient and Case Management Programs are currently providing 100% of pre-COVID services with modifications to reduce the risk of transmission (i.e. masks, hand-washing, physical distancing)
Contact: 807- 684-6453

INR Clinic

The INR Clinic is continuing to provide service. Consultations and appointments will be conducted via telephone, and patients may be directed to Life Labs to have their blood drawn rather than coming to the INR Clinic.
Contact: 807-684-6753

Maternity Centre

Pregnant mothers will be screened for signs/symptoms and/or risk factors for the COVID-19 virus either by phone or in person prior to entering the Maternity Centre. It is important that you report your symptoms honestly to protect our staff and patients. If you have symptoms, or are on self-isolation and need prenatal care, our team will work with you to ensure that you receive the care that you need. Some appointments may be performed via telephone, or you may be asked to wait in your car prior to your appointment to encourage social distancing. Please ensure that the receptionist has your cell phone number. Children and Care Partners are not permitted at the Maternity Centre at this time. If you have questions, please contact us directly. Our hours of operation are 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday.
Contact: 807-684-6228

Northwestern Ontario Sexual Behaviours Program

Administration of testosterone-suppressing medication will continue.
Contact: 807-684-6453

Paediatric Healthy Living Program

This program has been suspended until further notice.
Contact: 807-684-6058

Paediatric Outpatient Department

Patient screening will occur at the Main Hospital Entrance and again when you arrive at the Paediatric Outpatient department. Please answer honestly for both yourself and your child. This will not affect your ability to receive care, but will allow us to protect you, other patients and our staff. Elective surgeries and some specialty consultations have been postponed temporarily. Essential services for children with chronic medical conditions will continue. Care will be determined by your Paediatrician.
If you have any questions regarding your appointment, please contact us directly.
Contact: 807-684-6520

Prevention and Screening Services

Cancer Screening Mobile Coach Services have been discontinued until further notice. Patients with appointments will be notified.
FIT Positive booking for colonoscopy continues through the Colorectal Diagnostic Assessment Program. Breast Assessment Navigation continues for patient follow-up.
Genetic Prenatal and Urgent Cancer services will continue.
Screening Campaigns and Promotions are currently on hold.
The current session of the WE-Can program is on hold.
Contact: 1-800-461-7031 (please leave a message)

Regional Bariatric Care Centre (RBCC)

Medical Weight Management Program: Suspended until further notice.
Surgical Program: The preoperative portion of our program has been suspended until further notice.
Postoperative Surgical Program: Reduced Clinic hours. Staff will continue to monitor clients that have had bariatric surgery within the last 6 months. Clinicians will be providing following up through phone call appointments. Postoperative clients can call the Clinic if they have health concerns related to their bariatric surgery.
Contact: 807-684-6058

Rehabilitation and Healthy Lifestyles Program (Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Services)

All current participants and new participants who have had a recent event and who have been referred to the Rehabilitation and Healthy Lifestyles program for Cardiovascular Rehabilitation will be directed to online resourcing through our partner site UHN at, for self-directed learning about risk factor management and next steps post event.
Contact: 807-684-6780

Renal Services

Renal Clinics will be delivered via telephone, face time or telemedicine, and patients will be seen in person as needed. The Hemodialysis Outpatient unit will continue to provide service to patients. For more information related to specific services please call directly.
Multi Care Kidney Clinic: 807-684-6598
Peritoneal Dialysis Unit: 807-684-6155
Home Hemodialysis Unit: 807-684-6159
In Facility Hemodialysis: 807-684-6158

Shared Care at the Fort Willliam Family Health Centre

Social workers will continue to provide counseling services over the telephone for existing clients. Contact: 807-626-1233

Stroke Services

Acute stroke care remains a top priority with ongoing access to stroke care and treatment.
The stroke prevention clinic is open to patients virtually, by phone and with limited in person appointments. All referrals are triaged with urgent patients being prioritized.

Stroke Prevention Clinic: 807-684-6700
Regional Stroke Network 807 684-6702

Surgical Services

As the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre implements its pandemic plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic Surgical and Ambulatory Services will be limiting the services that we provide to Emergent, urgent and essential services only.

Ambulatory Day Care:

Ambulatory Day Care will continue to provide infusion, transfusion and other urgent treatments or procedures as identified by the physician leads of each Clinic that operate out of the Ambulatory Care Department. The Surgeon’s office or Ambulatory Day Care will contact you if your appointment has been cancelled.
Contact: 807-684-6550

Fracture Clinic:

The Fracture Clinic will continue to provide casting services and care for urgent referrals. The Fracture Clinic will contact you if your appointment has been cancelled.
Contact: 807-684-6363

Rehabilitation Services(Physiotherapy):

The Rehabilitation Department will be focusing on inpatient services only. At home exercise instructions will be provided to those patients discharged home with a new hip or knee replacement requiring post operative physiotherapy. Follow up phone calls will be made as required. The Rehabilitation Department will be contacting outpatients to cancel appointments.
Contact: 807-684- 6270

Pre Admission Clinic:

The Pre Admission Clinic will continue to see patients who have been identified by the Surgeon’s office as requiring urgent surgery. The Surgeon’s office will contact you to cancel appointments.


Endoscopy will continue to perform scope procedures that have been identified as urgent by the physicianlead. If your Endoscopy appointment is cancelled the physician office will contact you.
Contact: 807-684-6186

Rapid Access Clinic (Regional Orthopaedic Program):

The Rapid Access Clinic will be closed to outpatients. However; they will be conducting 6 week post-op knee and hip replacement surgery telehealth appointments, and will be providing some physiotherapy guidance to patients who have had a new hip or knee replacement surgery and cannot access outpatient services. The RAC will contact you to either cancel your appointment or book a telehealth appointment.
Contact: 807-684-6965, or toll free 1-833-706-9417

Operating Room (Elective Surgeries):

The Operating Room will continue to perform surgeries that have been identified as being emergent or urgent by the Surgeon. The Surgeon’s office will call you if your surgery is cancelled.
Contact: please call your Surgeons office

Surgical Day Care:

The Surgical Day Care Department will remain open to care for pre-operative patients and endoscopy patients. The physician’s office will contact you to cancel your endoscopy or surgery.
Contact: 807-684-6186

If you are unsure if your appointment has been cancelled, please call the related department before coming to the Hospital.

Telemedicine Program

Telemedicine will continue to offer services Monday to Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm for urgent referrals only. All non-urgent referral will be canceled and rescheduled to a later date.
Telemedicine Clinic: 807-684-6711

Trauma Program (Injury Prevention)

All activities have been suspended until further notice.
Contact: 807-684-7950

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